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Do I need water to use LED fishing lights?

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Do I need water to use LED fishing lights?

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There are actually multiple answers to this question. To answer this question, you first determine the series of lights you are interested in and the amount of light you want to see through the base. We have three different collections; green, vibrant green and Caribbean blue. Each series of lamps is suitable for different types of water clarity and emits different amounts of light.

For customers interested in purchasing our green light, the ideal water clarity is between crystal clear and medium clear water. The bulbs on these systems are 175 watt bulbs that illuminate transparent/white. Then, this white reflects the particles in the water and the surface appears green. These small particles attract bait fish in the area, attracting predatory fish (snook, tarpon, northern barracuda, etc.). Because these LED fishing lights illuminate white, they do not cut dark water very well. This is why they are suitable for medium water. In ideal water, the series will shine a 10-foot circle on the water.

The vibrant green light system is designed to cut drowning. The vibrant green light system has a 250-watt bulb that illuminates green and cuts turbid water for success for customers in rivers, lakes, bays and other places with black water. Even if the lights are green, they can still reflect small particles in the water to attract bait fish and carnivores. This lighting system has an average diameter of 15 feet in the waterway.


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