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How does the fishing net logo light work?

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How does the fishing net logo light work?

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There are many underwater lights on the market, but they can be divided into two basic categories: installation lights and portable lights. Installation of luminaires usually takes place at the dock or at the bow or stern. In addition to attracting fish, many users choose these lights because they can be easily navigated on the docks, helping swimers board the boat at night, and they add to the beauty of the dock or boat. Underwater lights provide the lighting they need without attracting insects like water lights.

Portable lights typically use a 12 volt electric motor or a 12 volt system for a car battery or boat. They should be placed on board or on the dock and lowered into the water by long cables. Portable lights are clearly convenient, but they are limited by battery life and they are affected by the light being pulled in and pulled out of the water.

How does the fishing net light work? The principle behind underwater fishing lights is the marine food chain. Colored lights are green, but transparent, red and blue lights are also commonly used. Green LED lights are useful because the short wavelength of green light causes it to penetrate water to a greater distance than other colors on the spectrum. Zooplankton and insects are attracted by light and swim to the surface. Then, bait fish such as squid, small fish, shrimp and squid come to plankton. Then, the predatory game fish will soon appear and fishing fun begins.

In terms of underwater fishing lights, there are many types on the market. In addition to the two basic types mentioned above, you also need to consider quality, brightness, functionality, and of course cost. We show them here, making it easy for you to choose the underwater fishing light that suits you.


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