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How to use LED fishing lights

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How to use LED fishing lights

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Under the LED fishing lights, we can guarantee that you will see the fish, but being able to capture them depends on you! With a few simple techniques, you can become a night fisher and use them all year round! All you need is a good bait or bait, proper casting techniques, and some patience.

The main reason why these lamps work well is the feed cycle they produce. The fish came back all night and night because they knew they could find food at your dock. When you put the fish light for the first time, you may see the fish immediately. At this point, you need to make the most of your patience! Once the installation is complete, do not start to project the light. Let the fish establish a relationship with light to make them comfortable. In the first few days, you can even eat some shrimp or other types of food, and the fish may eat up.

One thing to do before you start casting is to find the right type of bait for your hook. The ideal bait used in fish light is a bait that looks like a small min fish with a moving tail. This will mimic bait fish that normally surround the light and attract predatory fish.

Once you are ready, you can vote! The important thing to remember when fishing with fish lights is not to put in light directly. The method of fishing is to polish and slowly get the bait into the light. This will mimic the activity of the bait fish swimming under the light. Normally, you can catch a fish in the top five casts, so use these tools and leave! Remember, we'd love to see photos of the delicious fish you saw or caught under the lights, so feel free to send them to us! I wish you good luck fishing!


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