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What are the preparations for fishing LED lure fish at night?

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What are the preparations for fishing LED lure fish at night?

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Check the forecast

How many times have you gone out just want you to pay attention to the weather forecast? Bad weather can be a tragic experience of a potentially interesting night fishing.

2. Check your supplies

With the LED lure fish to protect you, you are well organized. One thing is worse than trying to find something in a messy solution and trying to do it in the dark.

3. Check your device

Keep your poles in place and the lines are in good condition.

4. Use the boat? Keep your boat in good working order.

Breaking up is not fun. Break up at night? Far less interesting. Through the ship, the guarantees are in place and guaranteed. The protection equipment is working properly. Ensure that the leads and rig are pre-wired to last the entire journey.

5. Safety first

Guarantee that you have batteries and extra batteries

Charge your phone or radio to contact the emergency services department when needed

6. Check the first aid kit to ensure adequate stock.

It's hard to tell the severity of night cuts or wounds, you want to be prepared.

7. Know your area.

You want to be able to anchor properly. Sometimes go out early when there is daylight.

8. Light source.

Make sure you have a light source to meet your own functional needs. But also consider the LED lure fish to attract the bait fish. Light is important to fishermen and it also stimulates fish to find food.

Fishing at night feeders is often about scent or exercise. Many nighttime feeders feel injured prey or smell it, so a good line of friends is effective at night.


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