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LED lure fish LED energy saving lamp

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LED lure fish LED energy saving lamp

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Product model: KS68

Working voltage: 6V four-section 1st battery

Luminous color: red, green, white, blue

Unit: box

Packing specification: 505*350*255mm

Packing count: 50

Gross weight: 10.3KG

Net weight: 9.4KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


LED color selection analysis

1. The fish will be scared when they see the white light, so they don’t dare to approach, so the white light is not the right choice for night fishing.

2, the yellow light is warm, soft, he will not disturb the bottom fish, and can also gather the middle and upper fish quickly, but summer and autumn night fishing yellow light is easy to attract mosquitoes, not recommended for summer and autumn

3, blue light due to his physical characteristics, the light wave is shorter, the reflection effect on the fish float is second only to the purple light, the water will be quickly sucked away by the water, will not cause disturbance to the fish, and summer and autumn night fishing is not easy to recruit mosquitoes. Therefore, the blue light is very suitable for use in summer and autumn. But it has a fatal flaw that is easy to let the fisherman's eyes sore.

4, purple light, relative to the blue light, the reflection efficiency of the fluorescence of the tail of the fish float is high, but the purple light is the light with a shorter wavelength, the transmittance is stronger, the damage to the human body and the eyes is too large, and excessive irradiation may even cause cancer. Therefore, night fishing can not choose purple light for a long time.

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