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LED fishing light electronic indicator light outdoor fishing light

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LED fishing light electronic indicator light outdoor fishing light

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Product model: KS38

Working voltage: 3V two 1st battery

Luminous color: red, green, white, blue

Unit: box

Packing specification: 525*260*260mm

Packing count: 50

Gross weight: 6.3KG

Net weight: 5.8KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


Working voltage: 3V two section one (R20) battery

Shade color: white transparent

Luminous color: white red green blue yellow

Unit: Box

Packing number only: 50

Light source: LED light tube

Remarks: White Red Green Blue Yellow single flash

Underwater LED fishing light placement and layout

The underwater LED fishing lights should be placed only after the speed limit of the ship has been eliminated, so as to avoid the underwater LED fishing light cable winding the blades or crushing the LED fishing bulbs. Underwater LED fishing lights should be turned into water and turned on. When collecting underwater LED fishing lights, LED fishing lights should be turned off first. Before placing the underwater LED fishing lights, strictly inspect the LED fishing light cable. If the foreskin ruptures, replace or repair it immediately to avoid injury to the operator due to cable damage. The layout of underwater LED fishing lights should be determined on a case-by-case basis. If the vertical stratification of the fish population is small and the horizontal distribution is wider, the underwater LED fishing lights should be arranged horizontally. If the vertical distribution of the fish layer changes greatly, it should be based on the three-dimensional LED fishing light. The vertical spacing between each underwater LED fishing light is 6 meters to 12 meters, thereby increasing the trapping space and improving the fish attracting effect. Pay attention to the placement position of the underwater LED fishing light. According to the image of the fish finder, the underwater LED fishing light should generally be placed 5 to 10 meters above the fish. The fish group has an adaptation to the LED fishing light. process. When starting LED fishing lights, the underwater LED fishing lights should be at an appropriate distance from the fish, not too close, so as to avoid sudden strong stimuli to stun the fish.



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