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LED fishing light

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LED fishing light

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  • Date of release:2019/10/14
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Product model: KS38-2

Working voltage: 3V two 1st battery

Luminous color: a combination of two or three colors

Unit: box

Packing specification: 485*290*245

Packing count: 50

Gross weight: 6.3KG

Net weight: 5.5KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


LED fishing lights should determine whether the fish population has reached a stable stage based on the image of the fish finder. The response of fish schools to LED fishing lights generally goes through an unstable-stable-unstable process. When the LED fishing light was just turned on, the image of the fish was from nothing, and suddenly the image of the fish was darker. The LED fishing light showed that the fish group reached a stable stage. At this time, we must pay close attention to the changes in the image of the fish finder. Therefore, the LED fishing lights will change from time to time as time goes by, and once it changes, it will destroy this stability. If the Tide Fish Group suddenly disappears, LED fishing lights generally have the following possibilities: First, the water flow is too fast, the fish is blocked and can't keep up with the LED fishing light boat; the second is that the fish group encounters the thermocline; the third is the fish. Groups encounter chasing creatures such as sharks or dolphins. Remedial measures should be taken after the reasons are analyzed, and the fishery cannot be blindly transferred.



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