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No. 5 battery energy-saving LED fishing light

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No. 5 battery energy-saving LED fishing light

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  • Date of release:2019/10/14
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Product model: KS38-3

Working voltage: 3V, two 5th battery

Luminous color: red, green, white, blue

Unit: box

Packing specification: 370*370*430

Packing count: 200

Gross weight: 13.2KG

Net weight: 12.2KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


LED fishing lights are suitable for use at night. When LED fishing lights are used at higher temperatures, winter LED fishing lights are not suitable for use. LED fishing lights are not effective.

LED fishing lights use the phototaxis of most fish species, LED fishing lights integrate specific lighting lure schemes, LED fishing lights to call for fish in deeper water areas, LED fishing lights to improve the unit operating time catch Quantity, LED fishing lights have a very high economic value.

LED fishing lights are suitable for the northern harbor, the South China Sea and the seas of Vietnam, Indonesia and Yemen. LED fishing lights are used to trap tuna, squid, puffer fish and squid. The LED fishing light makes the success rate of the angler several times to several tens of times larger than usual. The larger the fish receives, the greater the amount of information, and the number of fish hooked. If you are fishing for leucorrhea or fishing in the deep sea, we will use cyanide rods or underwater lamps. Because LED fishing lights have the function of attracting fish, in the dark sea or deep sea, the light always attracts predators. Fish, which indicates the position of the bait fish and highlights the target of the food.



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