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What is the status of your LED lure fish when fishing?

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What is the status of your LED lure fish when fishing?

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Most people who buy LED lure lamps are fishing, but before you throw away the line, you should know something:

Protect your LED lure fish! Obviously, if you are fishing, you will use sharp hooks. These hooks prevent wires from flowing out of the bulb, which can cause the system to trip. Each of our systems is equipped with a GFCI plug to ensure safety. Therefore, if an object in the system is damaged, GFCI will turn it off to avoid further damage. The correct way to protect the system is to get some form of protective sheath around the wire. Our protected version. It's just a heavy-duty hose wrapped around the wire, adding a layer of protection. If the hook is to hook the wire shield, it will not damage your system.

Choose the right bait or bait! To be successful, you match the bait or bait to the light you have seen. If your light is full of shrimp, use a shrimp or shrimp bait. If you see more fish schools, try using the same size bait or bait. Predatory fish in your light has been attracted to the current food source (bait fish). By matching the things on your hooks with the things on the light, you will find more success!


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