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Can I upgrade my underwater LED fishing lights?

发布日期:2019-04-12 作者: 点击:0

Many customers who buy new underwater LED fishing lights collect fish lights like them. They either want to add more lights to the system or buy powerful ones. There are several options available to everyone who wants to upgrade their system.

Unfortunately, you can't simply add more light bulbs to your current control box for your fish light. Each lamp assembly (bulb and wire) requires its own ballast (transformer) inside the box to supply power. Therefore, if you currently have only one lampholder system, you cannot run two bulbs because there is only one ballast in the control box. To add multiple lights, you have three options; return to the system and exchange, add a light bulb by purchasing each part separately, or purchase a new system to add to your base. If you want to add more lights to your system and you are within our 60-day money back guarantee, you will need to send the system back to us and we will be able to exchange the goods for you. You need to pay the difference for a larger system. You can also choose to purchase each part separately to build your system into a large system. To do this, you need to purchase another lamp assembly and ballast, and you need a large control box and other components to complete the system. This is an expensive option but still works. The next option is to simply purchase a new system to add. Even if you need another socket to plug in the light, it's still cheaper than modifying your current system by partial.

Many of our customers have purchased our natural green light many years ago and now want to upgrade to a vibrant green light bulb. Unfortunately, we can't simply connect new bulbs to their systems. The natural green light is a 175 watt bulb. These bulbs are powered by a 175 watt ballast or transformer in the control box. The vibrant green light is a 250 watt bulb powered by a 250 watt ballast in the control box. Unfortunately, the 175-watt natural green ballast is not enough to illuminate a 250-watt bulb.

For those who want to upgrade, they buy a brand new system to get bright light. The underwater fish light does provide customers with a 60-night refund guarantee. Therefore, customers within 60 days are welcome to return to their natural green system and exchange it for a bright, vibrant green system.



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