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Network indicator light

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Product model: KS38-2

Working voltage: 3V two 1st battery

Luminous color: a combination of two or three colors

Unit: box

Packing specification: 485*290*245

Packing count: 50

Gross weight: 6.3KG

Net weight: 5.5KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


Net logo light: light weight, high brightness and long service life. The transparent casing is made of polycarbonate molding, and the barrel is made of engineering plastic. The lamp is a kind of visual navigation mark. A general term for a luminous beacon. It refers to lighthouses, lampposts, lightships and light buoys that assist in navigation around the clock. Such as lamp posts, light buoys, etc., day and night navigation. There is also a navigation aid with a light aid, such as a straight light, a corner light, a light, etc. used on the canal, which only works at night. The grid light is a navigation sign with a light-emitting fixture and an image sign to aid navigation. It is a kind of navigation mark. For the ship's driver to understand the direction and boundaries of the port channel and obstacles near the channel, and use the target or signal sent at the fixed point to determine the location of the ship and other shipping equipment. The network logo lights include lighthouses, lamp posts, light boats, and light floats. These signs can be used day and night. The logo lights can be of different colors, using four colors of white, red, green and yellow, which are consistent with those recommended by the Navigational Aid Management Association. The beacons generally use color filters or colored lenses to achieve different colors. The lighting rhythm has fixed light, bright light, flash and mutual light. In order for the beacon light to perform its intended function, it is necessary to maintain it frequently to keep it in good working condition. The position of the grid lamp should be correct, the shape is complete, the structure is good, the color is bright, the light is bright, and the quality of the lamp is in compliance with regulations. Most of the network standard light sources use electrical energy, mainly batteries.




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