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Use underwater LED fishing lights to find and capture fish

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Just as individuals look for conditions that increase fishing opportunities, fish look for specific areas where food is abundant. The saltwater game fish looks for waters with lots of insects, shrimps and small fish (aka bait fish). Subsequently, these insects, shrimps and smaller fish will look for areas where their food supply is concentrated. In most cases, the way to start fishing is to use underwater lighting while fishing.

Underwater fishing light

The eyes of different members of the above food supply chain are sensitive to specific colors, namely blue and green. Underwater LED fishing lights have the following characteristics: they can be submerged in water; the light emitted is similar to the area where the fish gather; high intensity; powered by a portable power source.

The first attribute is ideal because ships or land lighting are lost when reflected from the surface. Ironically, there is no commercial form of lighting that meets four criteria.

Fishing near underwater lighting

Although the use of underwater lighting during fishing is nothing new, for technical reasons, vessels equipped with these types of lights are a relatively new innovation. These types of lighting attract plankton and attract insects, shrimp and smaller fish. In turn, these smaller food chain members attract the large predatory fish you want to capture.



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