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Different types of LED fish light principle

发布日期:2016-07-27 作者: 点击:0

Night fishermen already know that light can attract fish. They may not know why, but the truth is that there are fish in places where there is light around the water or water. We now know that light attracts plankton from bait fish. In the place where the bait fish gather, the big fish also gather together.

Early fishermen would use lanterns and the elderly still do, but the new technology provides an advanced method to induce fish to be fed at night with lights made for night fishermen. Fish lights on the market today can be attached to a dock or dock, have a floating function, or can be fully dived. So what is the difference, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Floating fish light

One of the early lamp systems was a floating fish lamp developed for night fishing, surrounded by a flotation ring, often styrofoam. These lights are powered by a 12v system and can be used with batteries or cigarette lighters. Among them, there are fuses and insulated wires.

A disadvantage of floating lamps is that they are unstable and subject to the movement of waves and water. The more stable the light, the more it attracts fish. Because it is above the waterline, floating lights can also easily attract insects at night. Although this may be good for fish, it is usually not so good for fishermen.

Boat diving fish light

Diving LED lure lamps are stable below the waterline and can be weighted or fixed on the hull. The spectrum of these colors has been shown to attract fish to eat. They also have true 360° light coverage.

The LED lights used by these LEDs may not be as bright as the HID lamps, but the new technology offers a powerful, compact version that is universal in the absence of electrical functionality.

Portable HID dive lights can be used on ships and provide the same high power as the dock fish light system. They are brighter than LED systems. These lights still require a 110 exit, so fishermen using these lights on board will need to use an inverter or generator to power the lights.

Diving LED lure lamp system

The dock light system is stable in the fish light system. These provide night lighting at your dock. They operate from a single lamp system to a four-lamp system and require electrical functionality. Advanced products offer self-cleaning options, including vine-proof coatings, photovoltaic cells for automatic opening and closing, and different wire lengths.

No matter which fishlight you choose, you will be impressed by the difference in light captured at night. Fish lights have made many night fishermen stand out from those who might not have caught the day before.

Don't scare them away! This fish is smart. If you start overfishing your light, you may start to notice less and less carnivorous fish. Although the lights are suitable for fishing, it is wise to capture your light every few days to ensure that you won't get your fish caught!

These are just three simple tips to help you land these big fish in the light. You can see them and grab them now!



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