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LED Fish Light

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3V energy saving LED fishing light

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Product model: KS38-1

Luminous color: red, green, white, blue

Unit: box

Packing specification: 480*260*240mm

Packing count: 50

Gross weight: 5.5KG

Net weight: 4.9KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


Time and timing of attracting fish

It should be determined according to factors such as fish species, fish density, fish population phototaxis, season, current, water temperature, etc., and the time for attracting fish is generally about 2 hours to 3 hours. When the fish are scattered and the tide is hot, the fishing time may exceed 4 hours. Practice has proved that once the fish image is stable, it should be immediately netted. Generally, around the middle of the night, when the trend is gentle, the LED fishing light has a good effect. You should pay attention to this favorable opportunity and get a good harvest. Moonlight can reduce the LED fishing light lure effect, but before the moon and the moon, the fish group has a strong phototaxis, which is also a time to attract fish.

LED fishing lights When the fishery is shallow and the fish is on the surface, the LED fishing lights use the water light to attract fish. When collecting fish below 10 meters of water depth, underwater lights should be used. When the fish population inhabits the upper middle layer (water depth 10 meters to 15 meters), the water light should be added; when the moon is dark, the water light can be appropriately increased. LED fishing lights are in production, and water and underwater lights should be used according to specific conditions to improve the effect of attracting fish.




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