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3 LED fishing lights

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Three types of lights are used during night fishing - diving fishing lights, floating LED fishing lights and black lights. These lamps are used to attract fish and can be used in combination with each other. For example, you can place two floating lights above two dive lights to extend visible light to the surface. Using different fishing lights to interact with each other is an effective way to attract and catch fish at night.

In addition, the black light will help you see the fishing line, so you don't have to feel the movement of the lines, you can also see the lines to determine the situation below the surface. You can also see the water surface through a combination of floating and diving lighting. This is convenient for bait your hooks, hooks and baits hooked on your line, and untie the fish you caught. Keep in mind that some fish often work in night shifts. You should be too.

A study by the Department of Marine Biology at the University of South Florida experimented with five different colors by experimenting with these colors in water. They experimented multiple times in multiple locations and the results were always the same. The green light works every time and attracts the bait fish. Therefore, among serious night fishermen, green will become a popular color choice. So when you decide to try night fishing and buy the right fixture, green may be your color choice.


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