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If fishing at night, what role does the LED lure lamp play?

发布日期:2016-07-27 作者: 点击:0

It all depends on you! Night fishing can be fun... or very tragic. It all depends on how much you are prepared!

If you go fishing at night when you are young, the excitement of going out to sleep while others are asleep may be enough for you to accept. But as an adult, it can be frustrating if you are not ready for night fishing. Whether you are fishing from a boat or fishing at a dock or dock, fishing at night can be difficult if you don't have an organization.

If you are parked in a good area, you can also take advantage of the feeding frenzy caused by underwater fish lights. Nighttime feeders are often attracted by the movement of LED lure lamps, which are lured by plankton, which is attracted by lights mounted on the boat or submerged from the side. These fish are tempted by a simple meal, so night fishing with a diving fish lamp is usually more effective than fishing without fish.

If you are fishing at the dock, the night is usually the right time, because the amount of light that usually illuminates the water. In one night, you can watch the real feeding frenzy by the pier. If you are fishing at your own dock, you can attach underwater fish lights to the dock to improve your night fishing capacity. Either way, using the lights can stimulate the fish for a simple meal.

If you are organized and well equipped, fishing at night can be a great experience. Don't miss the rich fish that only be active at night. You may find that you like to fish at night than during the day. No sunburn, less competition, and active fish! What do you like?



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