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LED energy saving lamp outdoor fishing light

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Product model: KS68

Working voltage: 6V four-section 1st battery

Luminous color: red, green, white, blue

Unit: box

Packing specification: 505*350*255mm

Packing count: 50

Gross weight: 10.3KG

Net weight: 9.4KG

Light source: LED lighting, etc.


Uses: This product is suitable for road repair, field exploration, airstrip, marine life-saving, travel and dispersal, street plant beautification, viewing, vehicle nighttime warning, vessel mast top light, high-rise and sling angle location safety warning, fishermen's night fishing operation It can automatically display the position of fishing nets on the sea, lakes and ponds, and can attract fish into the net. Once the purse seine ships find the fish in the sea, the lights are thrown into the sea to determine the fish population target.

Features: The sun is turned on (light control), which automatically flashes at night or in fog, and automatically extinguishes during daytime or when the light is strong; the light source uses a neon discharge tube.

Maintenance and use: It can be equipped with two No.1 batteries (R20), or battery power supply, tighten the lamp cover and use. After using for a period of time, if the flash speed is slow or the brightness is weak, you need to change the battery in time to avoid corrosion and affect the service life. When not in use, remove the battery and leave it in a dry, cool place. The lamp is tightened during use to prevent seawater from leaking into the lamp and reducing its service life.

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