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Is the logo light suitable for the dock?

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The beacon lights are suitable for docks, boat lifts and seawalls. It is a kit with a 50-foot heavy marine grade light line, a sealed 7,900 lumen discharge bulb, a bulb weight, a ventilated power control box with a 5-foot power cord, an auto-switching photocell, and mounting hardware and instructions.

Each light is handmade. The bulb will be used for 4 to 5 years at night and will work well in a salt water environment because barnacles and other marine life will not adhere to the bulb. Will attract many types of fish while using very little power. The good times of fishing at the pier at night are not plagued by the bugs that typical water lights attract. This light does not annoy the neighbors because the beam is focused to illuminate downward into the water. Bring your boat out at night, have confidence to find your dock and have visibility so that you can set the boat aside when you return. On the other side of the installation category is the onboard light. As with the base light, within this range, we also find the corresponding quality and function. Choose well, because when you install something on board, you don't need to do it twice.

This lamp outputs 3000 lumens and runs on a 12-24 volt DC. It consumes 5.0 amps on a 12 volt system and 2.5 amps on a 24 volt, so running for hours in an anchored state is no problem. Using a lamp for beam mounting requires a 1/2 inch through hole, so some skill and care is required.


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